About Us

Hi Loves!

My name is Nieya and I am the owner of LaMarie Skin. I started LaMarie Skin because I was tired of buying skincare products that left my skin greasy or dry. I have sensitive skin so I wasn't able to use a lot of products because it would always break me out or irritate me skin. So I created LaMarie SKin to allow me to indulge in lotions that smelled good but didn't irritate my skin or left me feeling like I needed to shower to take it all off. 

LaMarie SKin is a handmade, natural skin care line that was created for sensitive and dry skin types that need a little extra help adding the hydration back into the skin. We have many products that cater to getting rid of the dead skin on the top layer of your skin and making your skin smooth and moisturized.

Instead of creating a huge collection of senseless products we have a smaller collection to ensure all of our products are made exactly how they need to! 


Thank you for making us a part of your daily routine, your support means everything to us. I cannot wait for you to try our products and experience what your skin is supposed to feel like.  💕💕